[20,21]The magic of 20 is that the site was down for a couple of days last week. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps there should be a support group for bloggers when they are unable to log on. "Hello, I'm Chris and I'm a ..."

In 21, Wittgenstein is talking about meaning again as a residue of the way utterances are used, and also of the context (language-game) in which the utterance occurs. He asks: How is the report when asked how many slabs there are, "5 Slabs!" different from the command "5 Slabs!" There are two distinct language-games here. The difference "is the part which uttering these words play in the language-games." There are two levels to be considered in ascertaining meaning: the sentence or utterance and the language-game within which the sentence or utterance is used.


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