[26,27] An edenic account of the relation between language and world indeed. "To repeat -- naming is something like attaching a word to a thing. One can say that this is preparatory to the use of a word. But what is it a preparation for? When we go back to the metaphor of the tool box, language, here the act of naming can be seen as the preparation for acting upon what is named. We saw in Augustine that it is also preparation for adult membership in the community of language-users. Augustine's error was seeing it as the only form of preparation.

What is interesting in 27 is that we we see the creative side, as opposed to what might be called the regulatory side, of language-games. "And there is also a language-game of inventing a name for something." Wittgenstein suggests here, I think, that naming something is not to be regarded as a basic component of language since the primitive languages of the worker [2] and the student [8] did not have the capacity to ask the name for something or invent a name for something new. Naming is narrow; it has a single use.


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