[101] The purpose of a sign post can indeed change over time. Phrenology has some new currency as a result of modular models of mind/intelligence. The word "presently" has the dictionary definition of "in the near future," but how many use it in this "proper" way?
I put off writing on remark 101 because it is so very evocative. Wittgenstein moves from definite boundaries and precision in rules, to a claim about vagueness or fuzziness in logic. "The idea now absorbs us, that the ideal 'must' be found in reality. Meanwhile we do not as yet see how it occurs there, nor do we understand the nature of this "must." We think it must be in reality; for we think we already see it there." This is a fine criticism of the intuitions of perfection that give rise and support dualism. But I think of Einstein speaking of the general theory of relativity as necessarily correct because it is too beautiful to be wrong. Or of Watson and Crick's use of elegance as a guide to the structure of DNA. There are radioactive elements too unstable to be found in nature, but they must exist because of their proper place in the sequence of atomic weights.


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