Sorry to have been out of the loop. I have been reading: more of the PI, but also Barrett's Illusion of Technique & the "Sketch of an Intellectual Biography" that fronts Glock's A Wittgenstein Dictionary. I'll be developing some of the things I've picked up in days to come, but would note for the moment that these two writers have fundamentally different views of W's "mysticism" in The Tractatus--Barrett sees it as the most valuable part of the book, these "last few pages," while noting that W's contributions to logic have been largely superceded; Glock, on the other hand, writes that mysticism "mars" The Tractatus. I also will go back & pick up on that stunning image of yours: Wittgenstein giving himself up to the process of falling through space. I had a dream about this a while back--did I write about that here? Anyway, I appreciate your last tow very detailed posts & regret that I have let my response go so long. Anon, anon.


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