I'll grant you your critique of philosophical renditions of color perception, though I am not completely convinced by the language of neruo- & cognitive science, either. The 17th century, certainly, lacked our technical vocabulary, but it may have possessed a more human-scale vision of the world. One of the things I like about Wittgenstein's example of "bring me the broom in the corner" is that it shows the absurdity of atomism. How do we reconcile the game of neurpphysiology with the human world of language & perception.

Okay, I'm going to crawl into bed with a big comforter--first cold night of fall--& read the PI remarks in the 60s, then get back to you. A note on reading Herr Wittgenstein: When you begin, his analytical style is attractive, even intoxicating in its plain-spokenness; after a while, though, a poet like me wishes for a bit of variation. Perhaps it will come in good time; I'm growing surprisingly patient in my dotage.


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