[2-7] This series of remarks is pretty clearly involved with setting up the conventional picture of language that needs to be re-thought; Wittgenstein is a "theraputic" philosopher & he is here laying out the etiology of the case.

It is not Language, but, as you say, a mosaic of language games plural, none of which are required to line up exactly with each other or exactly with the world, as in the positivist model.

I continue to dream in (poor) Vietnamese. I wonder if that means the dreams themselves are impoverished? Perhaps not--in my dreams I speak like a child, though not exactly like a Vietnamese child--so maybe my dreams are merely childish. On second thought, I'm not so sure my dream-Vietnamese is a child's language--the learning of a language not one's own (as an adult?) does not follow the same pattern as a child's learning, I suspect.


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