Thank you for your kind words about my elevation to what another colleague, who has also attained the exalted rank of Professor, called "the world of Old-Fartdom." It does, though, feel subtly different being a Professor. Funny what words (& a raise) can do. And had Wittgenstein worked at Clarkson as you & I do, he would have known that this is a real job in a way that Cambridge, perhaps, was not. There is that Puritan strak in Ludwig that I am going to have to confront one of these days. But let me take this opportunity to note your service to the School of Liberal Arts & the Honors Program here: I believe that I can safely say that it is the intention of your colleagues to make an honest man of you & get you on the tenure track. (Or is that the Road to Perdition?) Indeed, it is shameful that we have not been able to do this before now.


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