"A question for you, Joe: Who would you regard as an artist (musician, painter, poet) who successfully presents chaos chaotically? Who captures the wildness with the greatest felicity?" Right, as your question implies, you can't really present chaos chaotically as an artist. If you want "felicity" you have to impose order or some kind. What I like about Dylan is how utterly careless he is, allowing just about anything to happen in his songs while usually managing to hold things together. But carelessness here is a kind of aesthetic principle, which is to say a way of making order. I like Ginsberg for similar reasons & find James Merrill hard to read, even as I recognize his enormous talent. But this is mostly personal taste, I suspect. Subject matter enters into it as well; while Merrill isn't an entirely private or personal poet, his main subjects seem interior to me & I have a pretty strong committment to the external in my own work.


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